7 Eccentric Ideas to Save You a Lot of Money

If you’re trying to live on a budget, Saving Tipsfinding ways to save money is important. After all, the more money you avoid spending, the more money you’ll have in your pocketbook at the end of the month. However, most people stop short of the really eccentric ideas that could actually save them money. Use this list of six eccentric money saving ideas to help you save a little bit more cash. Some might be too much for you, but some could be right up your alley.

  1. Hide your credit cards. It might sound a little bit silly to hide your credit cards from yourself but even taking a moment to think before you spend is often enough to realize that you don’t need what you’re about to purchase. Hiding your credit cards at home will also limit impulse purchases while you’re out.

  2. Turn your car off at stoplights. Stoplights that take more than 30 seconds to change cause you to burn more fuel than turning your car off and starting it again. Same goes for serious gridlock on the highway.

  3. Skip the lottery tickets. Sure, you could win big, but the chances are so low you might as well burn your money instead. If you must buy, limit your purchase to one ticket instead a handful.

  4. Get yourself a piggy bank. You’re an adult and you’ve got a bank account but putting a dollar or even a handful of change in the piggy bank each day can add up to some real savings over the course of a year.

  5. Use the bathroom at work. This one sounds particularly eccentric but flushing the toilet and using toilet paper costs you money. If you can, go to the restroom before you go home to save that little bit of extra cash on workdays.

  6. Eat half your meal and take the rest home when you go out. Most restaurant portions are really enough for two meals.

  7. Stay married. Divorces are very expensive. Unless something is seriously wrong, staying married can save you a lot of money.

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