5 Tricks to Celebrate a Spooky Halloween Party on a Budget

Throwing a Halloween celebration does not have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, much of what you need is available for no cost. The rest takes only a couple dollars and a bit of creativity.

Without further ado, here are some easy Halloween ideas:

The Closet
Gather up dark cloth and old clothing to make half-buried bodies and scary zombies. Drape dark cloth over everything that allows light in a room. Half bury a pair of shoes in your yard, bottom side up, to look like someone is head first in the ground.

Then, head on over to

Spooky Halloween

Here you can find a variety of scary soundtracks, Halloween noses, ghostly howls and more. Set up speaker in unexpected places and coordinate the sounds so that they have the greatest impact.

Now, it’s time to

Make it Stinky
Place piles of wet leaves throughout the area. This allows the place to smell musty. While there are many things that can create foul odors, don’t go too far out there and cause people to feel ill. A little stink goes a long way.

While the smell gets into the area,

Bring Out the Goo
Cold spaghetti, gelatin squares and other textured food create an eerie sensation when it is too dark to see what they are. Decorate a bowl with a fake nose and eyes and fill with “spaghetti brains”. Olive eyeballs will also have the little ones shrieking.

Now for the last stop. Head over to the

Dollar Store
Here you will find a ton of decorations like fake spider webs, glow-sticks and a multitude of other fun items. One fun item is to paint toilet paper rolls black and cut out eye slits. Put a glow stick inside and hide it in a place that makes it seem like if glowing eyes are peering out.

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