5 Investor Personality Types: Which One Suits You the Best?

Your style of investing can be mostly attributed to the way of managing your personal finance. This is called having a certain investor personality. Knowing accurately about the investor personality type that you are, you can better understand the potential pitfalls of your investment approach. Even more – you can improve your chances of return. […]

7 Steps to Recover When Hit with Financial Identity Theft

2016 reported the most cases of identity theft in the US. Around 15.4 millions of Americans were hit by some kind of identity theft that cost them a whopping $16 billion collectively, and $3,500 on an average. Of them, financial identity theft was the most common form of theft, leaving tax identity theft, medical, employment, […]

Improve Your Finances in 2012

Your New Year’s Resolutions may have involved losing weight or eating better, but did you consider how you could improve your finances in 2012? We’ve put together a short list to get you on the path to a healthier financial life this year. Get Organized: It’s surprising how many people become overwhelmed with their bills […]