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7 Eccentric Ideas to Save You a Lot of Money

If you’re trying to live on a budget, finding ways to save money is important. After all, the more money you avoid spending, the more money you’ll have in your pocketbook at the end of the month. However, most people stop short of the really eccentric ideas that could actually save them money. Use this […]

Money Managers: How to Teach Your Children About Money

Learning about money is one of those “It’s never too early” moments when it comes to your kids. In fact, it’s better to teach them about money, how to manage it and budgeting early so it’s ingrained by the time they’re adults. This way they’ll make responsible financial decisions down the road. Provide an Allowance: […]

Travel Smart: Save Money by Knowing Exchange Rates

Exchange rate is an aspect that has never been well-understood by millions of people living and running businesses in various parts of the world. Well, this simply refers to the rate at which a country’s currency can be converted to another currency. This acts as the baseline for the determination of the amount of foreign […]