Let Her Feel Special: 8 Unique New Year Gifts for Your Beloved

As anyone in a relationship can tell you, whether they’ve been together for a few weeks or married for decades, buying special gifts can prove to be very expensive. However, careful budgeting, a small token gift at Christmas and an undertaking to buy a unique gift for the New Year means you can take advantage of the sales, make your money go further and make your loved one feel special.

Gift for Your Beloved

Try some of these ideas:

  • Reserve a special meal.
    It’s not just stores cutting prices in January. You may find that the new restaurant you wanted to try but couldn’t afford has a discount deal for midweek reservations or offer a free bottle of wine when you spend a specified amount.
  • Investigate the beauty salon.
    As with other sales, it’s not unusual for salons to offer package deals for several treatments at a heavily discounted price. There’s nothing to make your beauty feel more pampered!
  • Fly away.
    Holiday deals can be tempting especially if you’re willing to go anywhere and book at the last minute. This could be the perfect opportunity to visit locations that would otherwise be out of your pocket range. Just make sure you can pack the right wardrobe in a few days’ notice.
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
    Jewelry is an expensive gift but if you’re looking for the right time to pop the question and making sure your beloved has a ring to be proud of, then take advantage of post-holiday sales.

And if you still really have almost no money then go for these:

  • Make a CD. Make a CD of her favorite music or make playlists in a music subscription service, and share them. Many have a free trial so that you can test them for yourself.
  • Chocolates and/or flowers. Traditional gifts but still good ways to show you care.
  • A date night with a DVD and popcorn. There’s nothing like spending quality time together. Whether a movie and popcorn or your favorite TV show, the time spent together will mean the world to her.
  • Do those odd jobs around the house. Dripping taps, squeaking doors and stuck windows, fix them for free and show you care.

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