Saving Money On Groceries

Shopping for food is the need of every household. Saving money on groceries is a prime concern of most families. A small saving on the grocery bill, say $25 a week, can get you an annual saving of $1300. Isn’t it encouraging” It is achievable if you care to follow some useful tips:


  1. Decide what you actually need: It is better to make groceries shopping list and double check it. If you really want to save money on groceries, avoid buying items which are not essential. Make a list starting with most urgent items and then add items of lesser importance. This will save money on your groceries bill.

  2. Price awareness: Basic knowledge of prevailing market price of main grocery items can be of great advantage. Visit all grocery stores in your area to have a price comparison. It is, of course not advised to compromise with quality for buying the cheaper product. Sometimes, products are sold in a different type of packaging to confuse the shopper. Calculation of per unit cost is the main thing to be ascertained. Larger packs don’t necessarily mean you are getting the product cheaper.

  3. Avail discount and use coupons: Some grocery store chains have an association with other outlets where you can buy same products at cheaper rates. It just may not be in same attractive packaging. So long as the quality is assured, whats the harm in buying from these discount outlets and saving money on your grocery shopping” Don’t hesitate in using coupons for your groceries shopping. Many grocery stores offer discount coupons to enable the shopper avail discount on their purchases. These can save up to 10% on your annual groceries bills.

  4. Get the benefit of clearance and promotional sale: Groceries items are available on clearance sale, especially the products nearing expiry deadline. Grab this opportunity to get the benefit of substantial savings. Another useful way to save money on groceries is trying out promotional products. Many products are available on Buy two and get one free basis. If you require a larger quantity of a particular product, this can be a wise option.

  5. Buy from online supermarkets: Buying from online supermarket helps you getting the best quality product at the most competitive price. It also saves you lot of time which can be utilized for more productive activities. You also save on transportation cost which, indirectly, helps in saving money on groceries. Visit different supermarket sites to check various discount offers and decide the one that suits you best.

  6. Making changes in your dietary habits: Replacing costly and unhealthy dishes with cheaper but nutritious ones can help in two ways: You can replace spicy steak with a simple pasta dish and enjoy healthy food with savings on groceries bills. Do you like soup” Start with soup; it is a good way to reduce your food and therefore calorie intake and is also light on your pocket.

  7. If you have a small family, you can combine your groceries shopping with families of your close friends. This will help in savings on bulk buying. It is also suggested that groceries shopping shouldn’t be done empty stomach; it might force you to buy items that you may not need.

Above tips might help you in saving money on groceries shopping.


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  1. One way to minimize your expenditure on grocery shop is by visiting your store’s weekly sales and ad flier to plan your menus for the week. Then, write your shopping list around the items and brands that are on sale.

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