Cyber Monday: Track the Deals and Shop Till Your Fingers Drop

Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for family and friends at low prices from the comfort of your own home. Take the following tips to make the most of your shopping this year.

Stay organized
Make a list of the gifts that youCyber Monday intend to purchase so that you can mark them off as you buy them. Stick to your list and make sure to keep checking off your purchases so that there is minimal risk of buying multiples of the same gift or forgetting about a gift entirely.

Do your research in advance
While you’re waiting for the big shopping day, start checking prices of items on your list to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible. is a great place to compare varying products while is the place to go for information about the most current prices.

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Look for free shipping and other coupon codes
Cyber Monday is an ideal time to find free shipping offers on all sorts of different sites. Start watching for them ahead of time to avoid missing deals on sites where you know that you’ll be shopping. If free shipping codes aren’t available, or you’re flying to visit family and friends for the holidays, consider sending gifts directly to the recipients. Shipping directly allows you to save on both shipping costs and baggage fees.

You may also be able to get great Cyber Monday deals by signing up for newsletters with specific retailers. If you know that you want to shop with certain stores, get on their mailing lists a few weeks before the holiday. Many retailers advertise their best Cyber Monday deals and other seasonal specials through theirs newsletters before they make them available publicly.

Stay safe
There is no doubt that shopping online is convenient, but it can also come at a cost if you aren’t careful. Avoid clicking on unknown links, especially in emails, always use your credit card as opposed to your debit card, and save and print all of your payment confirmations.

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