5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Tax Returns

Ensure that all of your paperwork and receipts are organized. Many make the common mistake of choosing the easier option of selecting the standard deduction. In many cases, this is an acceptable option, however, hundreds who take it lose hundreds and sometimes even thousands over what they could have received had they organized throughout the […]

Saving Money in a Tough Economy

The tough economy (yes, it’s still tough) is forcing people to think outside the box. With jobs drying up and money running out people are coming up with ways to hold on to what they have. Doing this involves cutting back on things we thought we needed. One way to cut back is stop spending […]

The World Economy in 2012

In 2012, the economy of the world will face quite a bit of turbulence while the global recession continues to affect millions of people. Europe is currently under a massive debt crisis and has recently been forced to continue to bail out countries such as Italy and Greece to enable them to make their payments […]