6 Super Easy Ideas to Save Money This Summer

Changes in season are always expensive. Not only do they seem to demand a completely new wardrobe but they bring increased utility bills, either to keep your house warm or cool it down. Once you’ve factored in living expenses, you might be wishing for summer long backyard weather just so you can stay in swimwear […]

Online Payday Loans Are Misused in the Absence of an Apt Payoff Plan

Online payday loans Online payday loans have had a brush in the financial world especially from traditional lenders like banks as well as industry regulators. The main concern is that the loans leave people trapped in debt. However, looking at the facts objectively, payday loans are actually great financial products especially for people who cannot […]

Mother’s Day: 6 Thrifty Gifts from the Heart

You don’t have to break the bank to give Mom a great gift for Mother’s Day. This year put a little extra thought and effort into a present so that your mom feels special whether or not you spend a lot of money on the gift. Photo gifts. Most moms love to have pictures of […]

The 9 Best Business Minded Movies to Watch

It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for another person, watching a movie is always a great way to get tips and learn about business and how business works. Some are serious, some are funny, some are just plain downright crude. The Godfather. This was a movie about money, business, mafia and food! […]

How to Manage Exorbitant Medical Bills

Individuals who are blessed with good health are very lucky. Some are not so healthy and when things go wrong, they go really wrong. Whether they have a painful or a terminal illness or they are unprepared with proper medical insurance, things like this happen… all the time in fact. What would happen if you […]