10 Ways to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bill

With winter fast approaching, staying warm is a big priority for most. And there are ways you can stay warm without feeling the heat from your bank account.

  1. Reseal “leaks” in your house. Remember to check for any cracks in the sealing of windows, doors and other places where heat might escape by caulking them or using weather strips.
  2. Manually or automatically turn the thermostat down. Whether you remind yourself to set it back manually or have an automatic system, remember to do this when you’re not in the house and during the night.
  3. Update or repair your heating system cheaply. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to keep heating costs down is to simply replace the filter on your system or check for leaks in the ducts.
  4. Invest in a low-flow showerhead. Did you know that an energy efficient showerhead uses roughly 50% less hot water, allowing you to save on heating costs? Most of them are only about $20, too.
  5. Seal unused rooms and the attic door. Is that spare room not going to be used often this winter? Seal it up and close the vents, and remember to seal off the attic entrance for fewer drafts.
  6. Use ceiling fans. They aren’t just for the summer! Setting a ceiling fan on the lowest setting can push around heat, and some fans can even be reversed to create heat.
  7. Heated mattress system. For those especially cold nights, remember you can invest in a cover that heats the entire mattress.
  8. Use space heaters. For rooms being used the most, cut costs by warming them with a space heater and lowering the thermostat.
  9. Open blinds during the day. To warm up a room naturally, open your blinds during the day. Close them at night to trap heat.
  10. Invest in a fake fireplace. Better than dealing with drafts from a real one.

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