7 Best TV Shows to Learn About Finance

Watching TV is a great way to wind down after a hard day, but it can also help you improve your financial knowledge. There are many financial shows out there that can help you grow and improve your financial life. They would help you better understand the financial terms and concepts and would improve your money management skills. They would definitely help you succeed in your financial journey. Watch these shows to achieve a successful financial future.

Use this list of the 7 best TV shows you can watch to gain financial knowledge. Your life will be better and you’ll have a brighter financial future – all while watching television.

  1. Your Money
    Christine Romans in

    Image Source: www.cnn.com

    Your Money is a CNN show hosted by Christine Romans, and each week she breaks down everything you need to know about the business world. The stock market is a big focus here, so if you’re a player or are interested in getting in, Your Money is the show to watch. There are common man interviews which covers every segment from education to savings and deals.

  2. Mad Money with Jim Cramer
    Mad Money with Jim Cramer

    Image Source: www.cnbc.com

    You’ve probably heard about Mad Money already because it’s a popular show on CNBC with eccentric host Jim Cramer. From what to do with your savings to how to play the stock market, you can find every bit of advice you need on this weeknight MSNBC show. It will help you analyze stocks and give you quick tips to become a more informed investor.

  3. The Dave Ramsey Show
    The Dave Ramsey Show on Fox Business

    Image Source: www.foxbusiness.com

    The Dave Ramsey Show on Fox Business works by having callers ask financial questions to experts. Callers discuss their financial issues that they are facing which include job loss, debt, and repossession. It’s informative and fun, especially for finance newbies.

  4. The Suze Orman Show
    The Suze Orman Show

    Image Source: www.tvweek.com

    Suze Orman is a financial guru you probably already know. Watch her show on CNBC to get real financial advice. There is a segment where callers ask whether they can afford a purchase or not. She looks at their finances to decide whether they should go for the purchase.

  5. Money Matters
    Money Matters on RLTV hosted by Jean Chatzky

    Image Source: www.rl.tv

    Aimed at men and women 50 and over, Money Matters on RLTV hosted by Jean Chatzky is all about smart investing and saving for retirement. They do have stock market segments and information for those who want to take a little risk too though.

  6. Squawk Box
    Squawk Box

    Image Source: www.cnbc.com

    Squawk Box is designed as a premarket show which airs on CNBC, many men and women watch this show for financial information. They cover interviews of big businessmen like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet where they share their stories and insights about the business. Watch regularly if you play the market.
  7. Shark Tank
    Shark Tank

    Image Source: inthesharktank.com

    While Shark Tank isn’t technically financial ideas show, it is one that depicts real people pitching business ideas to professionals. It gives you investing tips and how you can pitch to investors. Watch it if you have a product in development or even if you are thinking about getting into the product development business. It’s ideal for new entrepreneurs.

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