Saving Money in a Tough Economy

The tough economy (yes, it’s still tough) is forcing people to think outside the box. With jobs drying up and money running out people are coming up with ways to hold on to what they have. Doing this involves cutting back on things we thought we needed.

One way to cut back is stop spending on impulse. Impulse shopping drains the savings. To save use every drop of food, shampoo and lotions you own before buying some more. Another is to make your own stuff. Make coffee, shampoo, a chair, pillows and more instead of buying new. Look at it as a fun, family activity rather than a chore; it is a great way to spend time together, bond and create something original.

Another is to buy used items. Used items cost less than buying new. Buy generic food instead of name brand; they’re just as good at a fraction of the price. Buy discounted items. Have a home cooked meal, save some for the next day and eat the leftovers to avoid eating out. Reuse soon-to-be throwaway items for other around the house uses. Make repairs on items you want to keep. Drink and bottle tap water. Cut out any activities that are draining your wallet.

The financial stress of the economy won’t go away anytime soon. Dealing with the stress starts with doing some of these tips above. Another way to deal with stress is to get away from media coverage. They mainly report the bad side of the recession and tuning them out will ease your mind and calm your nerves for sure. Save some money in case of emergency. By saving something as small as $5 weekly or $25 monthly you are creating a money cushion for hard times. It takes time to save (give yourself 3-4 months), but soon more money will be coming in than originally planned. Keep up the savings habit longer than that and more money will pour in.

Understand that there is nothing that can be done to fix the economy now, but this is a start to fix your financial stress.

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