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7 Tips for Smart Spending to Save Thousands of Dollars

Nobody likes to just toss away money or make bad purchasing decisions. Still, a lot of people are misguided when it comes to their spending habits. Educating yourself in such matters can offer multiple benefits. If you are capable of spending intelligently, you will be improving your savings and achieving better value for your money. […]

When to Use Your Savings to Pay off Debt

All of us understand the value of savings, but tragically, this is a challenging goal to attain for many Americans, as claimed by National Debt Relief (NDR), US. While it’s logical to eliminate debt first, many people have trouble deciding whether it’s a good idea to use savings to pay off debt or not. Financial […]

What Lessons Do Celebrity Money Mistakes Teach?

Celebrities often make huge money mistakes. Many flaunt their so-called wealth, only to have to explain their actions when the truth comes out. Following the financial lives of celebrities will not only give you clues on how to live lavishly, but it will also teach you to learn from their mistakes. Live Above Your Means […]